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26…3… 3.5 …70,000… Infinite

I’ve got a lot of numbers in my head today. 26   It’s been 26 days since the launch of the Purple Purse Challenge.3  We’re currently in third place in the nation. 3.5 We’ve got 3.5 days left in the Challenge. 70,000  …

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Safe Harbour– reaching out to each Jane Doe

In helping domestic violence victims, we often interface with other related social issues. Dave DeCelle of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, talks about how domestic violence intersects with their work.This year, Soroptimist Inter…

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One Day… One Day Closer

My sons are grown men now, but if there were Emmy nominations for reading to your kids, I’d probably have a series of trophies on my mantle (I delight in character voices, accents, suspense and timing when reading a kids’ book). Malcolm Gladwell s…

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