The Safe Pet Partnership: 

Oft-overlooked victims of abusive relationships are the pets.  Abusers will use the love someone has for their pets as a way to control or coerce victims.  Through the Safe Pet Partnership, Wellspring can offer our clients a network of safe, temporary foster families to their pets.

If you believe you or your pet may be in danger, please call our office at 518-583-0280.

To learn more about how the Safe Pet Partnership can help you and your pet, or to learn more about volunteering as a pet foster home, visit our Safe Pet Web page here.

Project Hope and Power: 

Offered in collaboration with Soroptimist International of Saratoga County, Project Hope and Power is an innovative eight-week program that helps women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence develop the skills needed to begin working toward financial independence. Hope and Power is designed to help you acquire the following skills: safety planning, financial management, establishing credit, increasing personal financial assets, accessing affordable housing options, upgrading skills to advance professionally, setting and achieving goals for increased independence. Hope and Power is offered 3 times per year.  Child care is provided.  To learn more about the program, visit our Program Page.

Please call for more information and to register.

Services for Teens & Young Adults

In addition to providing education about teen dating violence, consent, and healthy relationship behaviors to more than 6,500 high school and college students each school year, Wellspring advocates are also co-located at Shenendehowa and Saratoga Springs High Schools and are available to provide free and confidential advocacy to students.  To learn more about the services we offer to teens and young adults, click here.

Partnership with Local Law Enforcement:

Wellspring victim advocates are now co-located at the Saratoga Springs Police Department.  In doing so, we are able to work more proactively with victims of domestic violence and law enforcement to understand this complex issue, and the services available.  The position has introduced Wellspring to an entire population of people who might not have otherwise sought assistance.  To learn more about the partnership, read our press release.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace.  

At any time, in most businesses, at least one employee is likely a victim of relationship abuse. The cost to the individual may be incalculable, but the cost to business in the U.S. has been calculated at 5+ billion dollars each year in lost productivity and medical costs.  In this program, we work with employers and employees to understand the impact of domestic violence, recognize the signs, and identify ways employers can make a difference.  Click here to learn more.