Domestic Violence Services

Providing support and options to those seeking help so they can decide what is right for them.

  • What is domestic violence?

    Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence or relationship abuse) is a pattern of coercive behavior/tactics used by someone against a current or former intimate partner, dating partner, or spouse in an attempt to gain or maintain power and control. Types of abuse can include physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse. These same behaviors can also be perpetrated against family members.


    Anyone of any race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or religion can be a victim or a perpetrator of abuse.

  • I feel unsafe. What are my options?

    Domestic violence is a complex issue. Wellspring advocates are available to help individuals process their experience so they can determine what is right for them. Some tangible options that we offer are:

    • 24-hour hotline (518-584-8188) – While many people call us in times of crisis, you do not have to be in crisis to call our hotline. If you just want to talk about how you are feeling or identify what your options are, that is okay! Our advocates are trained to listen and give you space to talk about what is going on, and provide information about your rights and options.
    • Emergency shelter – Available to all persons, regardless of sex or gender, whose safety is at risk due to domestic violence. This option includes individuals and adults with children.
    • Assistance in accessing legal system options – Includes assistance with petitioning family court for an order of protection and accompaniment for related court processes; accompaniment to police departments to file police reports; and support through the criminal legal system process, including helping compose victim impact statements.


    We recognize that shelter or the legal system are not always the steps victims of domestic violence are interested in taking. Our advocacy extends beyond the idea that victims of domestic violence are leaving their partners. Our goal is to support the safety of victims during any point in their lives.

  • I have chosen to go into shelter. What about my pets? I can't leave them with my abuser.

    Through Wellspring’s Safe Pet Program, we are able to assist our clients in getting their pets fostered while they are in transition.

  • My financial situation makes me reluctant to get help.

    All of Wellspring’s services are free. If the abuse perpetrated against you rose to the level of a crime, you may be eligible for compensation for any out of pocket expenses incurred by the crime through the New York State Office of Victim Services, which is something we can help you apply for. We can also help you access resources in the community that can alleviate financial concerns. Wellspring specifically offers:

    • New View Housing Program – Long-term housing assistance available to individuals and families who are homeless due to domestic violence. This program includes a rental subsidy and support services.
    • Project Hope & Power – A multi-session group designed to help individuals build on or develop new skills that increase their options for independence.
  • I want to come talk to someone, but I have my kids with me most of the time.

    Wellspring staff are available to provide childcare for clients receiving services in our office.

  • I see that your office is in Saratoga Springs, but I live in another town in Saratoga County. Where can I get help?

    Wellspring provides domestic violence services for anyone living in Saratoga County.  Lack of transportation should never be a barrier to accessing our services so it is possible that we can assist you with transportation. We can also meet with you in a safe location in your community.

  • Its not me; it's my friend that is being abused.

    It can be helpful to educate yourself about domestic violence before starting the conversation with your friend. Wellspring provides free, confidential counseling and education not only to victims of domestic violence, but to anyone affected by the abuse.