The Safe Pet Partnership

Freedom from violence for the entire family.

Sadly, abusers often use the love we have for our family pets as a tool of coercion or may directly abuse the pets. Thankfully, victims of domestic violence in Saratoga County do not have to choose between their safety and the safety of their pets. Wellspring’s Safe Pet Partnership has a network of foster families that provide pets with temporary loving homes while families transition to violence-free living. Once that is achieved, families are reunited with their pets.

Are you a victim of domestic violence looking for safety for you and your pet(s)?

Who is eligible to use Safe Pet?
People currently working with Wellspring may be eligible to participate. Call our office to find out if you’d be eligible!

Who will be taking care of my pets?
Wellspring carefully screens potential foster families to ensure that your pet will be well cared-for while you’re in transition.

I have a horse…can he be fostered?
Our foster families are able to care for many different types of animals, it is possible that we may be able to place your pet.

I have several pets…will they be kept together?
We will make every effort to place your animals together.

Can I visit my pet while she is being fostered?
To ensure the anonymity of our foster families and of our clients, you will not be able to visit your pets while they’re being fostered. Wellspring staff will be in contact with the foster family and you will be updated on how your pet is doing.

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Are you a community member looking to help victims of domestic violence by fostering pets?

Wellspring is looking for foster families! By taking in a beloved pet temporarily, you not only provide a safe haven for the animal, you directly help the family leaving the abuse as well. 

Who knows that I’m fostering a pet(s) for a victim of domestic violence?
Foster homes are completely anonymous. Only the staff at Wellspring will know your identity and location.

How long is the commitment?
Fostering is available while the client is in transition. Although the time can vary, usually the commitment is no more than 90 days.

What are the costs involved?
We ask that foster families provide food and other supplies (i.e. cat litter, etc.) for the pets that they are caring for.  All veterinary care costs are provided by Wellspring.

I have pets at home…are foster animals vaccinated?
Prior to placement, foster animals will be current on immunizations and free of communicable diseases.

I have questions about the pet…who can I call?
Wellspring staff is available 24 hours a day via our hotline to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the foster pet, or if an emergency should arise.

What if it’s not a good fit?
While we do screen potential fosters, it is possible that animals may not always get along or a placement just won’t work out. Should this situation arise, Wellspring will make alternative arrangements.

How do I apply?
Call our office at 518-583-0280 and say you’re interested in becoming a foster family for our Safe Pet Program. Office hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-6pm and Friday 8am-5pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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