Advocacy & Case Management

Victims of relationship and sexual abuse have to navigate a complex system of services to have their physical and emotional safety needs met. Wellspring’s advocates are knowledgeable about the various services that may be of assistance. During every contact that an advocate has with someone seeking the services of Wellspring, the advocate is listening for the needs they may have and we will help them identify remedies to those needs. This frequently involves referrals or direct linkage to resources available in the community. And, when needed, we are able to advocate on behalf of our clients to other organizations to help gain access to a service. We are even able to accompany our clients to meetings with these other providers to provide support to the client and information to the other service provider. Please speak with an advocate about your needs and we will begin creating those connections.

Legal Advocacy

  • Police – Wellspring advocates are available to assist victims of relationship and/or sexual abuse report crimes to the police or follow up with police regarding existing contacts to get the status of an investigation. This can include accompaniment to file a report. Additionally, Wellspring has a special initiative related to our work with some police agencies in the community in which we reach out to people who file police reports related to domestic violence. Police officers provide a lot of information to people who file police reports at the time of the incident but, in a moment of crisis, it can be hard to keep tracks of all that information. These calls are designed to ensure that a person’s rights and options related to domestic violence are reaffirmed after police contact so that they are able to access the services that are the best fit for them at the time.
  • Criminal Court – Wellspring advocates can help victims get information regarding the status of the prosecution against the person who harmed them. We are also able to accompany victims to any meetings with prosecutors (Assistant District Attorney) or any court hearings they want to or need to attend.
  • Family Court – Petitioning for an order of protection can feel like a daunting task. Wellspring advocates are able to assist victims of domestic violence petition family court for an order of protection, link them to civil legal services for representation, and accompany them through the court process.
  • Legal Clinic – Through the generous donation of time and knowledge, Wellspring is able to offer an opportunity for victims of relationship and sexual abuse to receive a free legal consultation from an attorney in our office on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • Legal Representation – Wellspring advocates are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice but we have strong relationships with organizations such as The Legal Aid Society of Northeast New York and The Legal Project as well as from many private attorneys that are knowledgeable about the dynamics of victimization and the civil legal remedies that victims may seek. Wellspring advocates are able to refer you to these various services.

Financial Advocacy

  • NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS) – Victims of relationship and sexual abuse may be eligible for compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses related to a crime. As an OVS-funded Victim Assistance Program (VAP), Wellspring advocates are able to assist in completing applications and advocating for this assistance.
  • Local Department of Social Services – There are various services available through the local department of social services and we are able to assist people in accessing this service when needed.
  • Project Hope & Power – This is an eight-week program offered by Wellspring in collaboration with the Saratoga Springs Chapter of Soroptimist International that is designed to help people increase or develop their financial aptitude.
  • Affordable Housing – There are several affordable housing options available in the community, including Wellspring’s New View Housing Program. Wellspring’s advocates can help you apply for these options. Click here for more information about New View and speak with an advocate about the other options available in the community.

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