Maid Conversation Series: Employment

Maid Conversation Series: Employment

Join Wellspring for a 4 part FREE conversation series to discuss why leaving an abusive relationship is not only difficult, but often dangerous.

Inspired by Stephanie Land’s NY Times Bestseller and the Netflix show Maid, this series will discuss barriers victims face when leaving an abusive relationship.

Sign up below (spaces limited!) and feel empowered to help end relationship abuse in our community.

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Session 4: Employment – April 28th

Keeping a job is more than filling out an application and acing an interview. Transportation, childcare and pay play an important role in staying employed.

Wellspring can help: Our advocates work with clients on building resumes, applying for jobs and assist in obtaining interview clothes. We plan to bring a workforce development program to our clients within the next year.

Join us to discuss examples from the book, show, and real life that highlight why employment can prevent victims from leaving.

April 28, 2022 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Wellspring + Google Map 518-583-0280 Free – $1.00