Recorded Webinars

Wellspring typically is in the community providing educational workshops to members of our community. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are changing it up a bit to make sure that no one misses any of this valuable information. 

If you are on this page now, it is because you have been invited to view one of our recorded webinars. Choose the topic below to be directed to the recording.

This 30 minute webinar is designed to help participants:

  • identify traits of healthy and unhealthy relationships;
  • understand the definition of dating violence and the common dynamics of dating violence; as well as be able to
  • identify red flags of unhealthy and abusive relationships.

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This 30 minute webinar is designed to help participants:

  • understand the definition of consent and the various ways consent can be communicated;
  • understand what coercion means;
  • identify ways to help someone who may have been victimized.

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