Upstanding Hospitality

Don’t just be outstanding, be upstanding.

The hospitality industry should be just that – hospitable. But, we all know at times, unsafe things can be happening right in front of us and we don’t always know how to respond. We also know that business owners want to make sure that staff and patrons are safe and not subject to sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Wellspring wants to support workplaces in creating a safe environment for everyone by educating staff on becoming more knowledgeable about what relationship and sexual abuse is and how to respond when you see something happening, commonly referred to as bystander intervention.

Wellspring is available to partner with hospitality industry related workplaces to create a space that does not tolerate sexual and gender based misconduct. This in intended to increase the safety of both the staff and the patrons of the establishment.

We offer training and support designed to help staff in the hospitality industry to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations related to sexual assault or domestic violence and know what resources to offer to those in need.

Menu of Services

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  1. Policy related assistance
  2. Management Specific Training
  3. Upstander training for all staff
  4. Booster sessions – ongoing support after the training


  1. Management Specific Training
  2. Upstander training for all staff
  3. Booster sessions – ongoing support after the training


  1. Upstander training for staff
  2. Booster sessions – ongoing support after the training

This program and all of its associated services are offered for free to any hospitality business in Saratoga County.

We are available to discuss ways that hospitality related businesses can address relationship and sexual abuse and improve the safety of the workplace. This is a very flexible process and every plan is designed to meet the needs of the workplace based on its individuality.

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