Collaborative Programs

Wellspring has developed collaborative programs designed to partner with community organizations to increase our reach into the community to share information about how to get help if needed and how to create a community in which violence never even happens in the first place.

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Upstanding Hospitality

Saratoga is well known for its wonderful hospitality industry – restaurants, bars, and hotels. Upstanding Hospitality will enhance the experience of patrons by creating a space that does not tolerate relationship and sexual abuse.

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Wellspring & Workplaces Working Together
This collaboration between Wellspring & employers is designed to improve the recognition of, response to, and referral for victims of relationship and sexual abuse. Read MoreContact us about this program.
Coaching Boys into Men & Athletes as Leaders

Imagine a world free of relationship and sexual abuse. That is Wellspring’s vision. To achieve this vision, we are engaging our community in ways that creates the social change necessary to prevent abuse from occurring in the first place. We do this by promoting healthy, respectful, and nonviolent relationships.

One way that we are creating this change is through our work with high school coaches. We know that coaches play an extremely influential and unique role in the lives of the athletes they work with. Because of these relationships, coaches are poised to positively influence how young people think and behave, both on and off the field. Therefore, in 2016, we partnered with athletic coaches from area high schools to implement Coaching Boys into Men and in 2018 we expanded this work to include the Athletes as Leaders program.

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