Thank you to Wellspring’s Outgoing Board Members of 2023!

Margaret Smith Cassier, Jake Behuniak, David Cumming, and Karen Sosler were impactful leaders. We made graphics this year to showcase some of the pictures and highlights of their time on our board.

wellspring outgoing board members 2023

Margaret Smith Cassier

An absolute dynamo and a powerful community leader. Margaret brought instrumental impact to the Board – including planning and executing multiple, successful “Iron Chef” fundraising events for Wellspring AND being crowned winning chef for each competition she participated in! Even though she is departing, she is already planning for how she can continue to support our mission.

Jake Behuniak

Jake brought wonderful insight to Wellspring’s Board and especially to the finance committee. We were thrilled to have him as a part of our team as we launched our new location campaign and moved into our new building. He is a joy to work with and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

Karen Sosler 

Immediately upon joining the Board, Karen used her talents and expertise to drive Wellspring’s mission forward. She is always thinking strategically about how to help make sure that Wellspring is performing at its best. Karen leads with a kind heart, cares deeply about her community, and she will be missed!

David Cumming
A supporter of Wellspring before even joining the Board, Dave has been a consistent, reliable, dependable and genuinely kind leader who is ALWAYS thinking of others. He found creative ways to involve his family, friends, and workforce with our mission. Dave is someone Wellspring and our staff have always been able to count on and we are so grateful for his committed support to our cause.
margaret smith cassier outgoing board members 2023 karen sosler outgoing board members 2023
david cumming outgoing board members 2023 jake behuniak outgoing board members 2023
We wish all of the Outgoing Board Members of 2023 good luck on their future endeavors and are so grateful for those who are continuing to stay involved in supporting Wellspring!

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