Every year, Wellspring is fortunate to receive donations from thoughtful, generous community members who come up with creative ways to support Wellspring’s clients and spread awareness about our mission to end relationship abuse in our community.

Recently, Wellspring received a visit from Mirabel, who decided that she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday by collecting donations for Wellspring! Thanks to Mirabel’s kind heart and incredible generosity, Wellspring received a large donation of gift cards to help support those victimized by abuse in our community.

Mirabel and her friends and family chose to donate gift cards, because they are especially powerful for our clients. For those who have been in controlling relationships, the opportunity to shop for themselves and their families can be tremendously empowering. Gift cards give our clients the gift of choice and a sense of dignity – something they may not have had for some time due to abusive partners. Gift cards can also offer a sense of security for clients in need of prescriptions, medicine, or even gas for driving to work or family court.

During the holidays, donations of gift cards can be especially impactful to clients and their families. Gift cards can offer parents an opportunity to pick out meaningful gifts for their children or even to plan fun family activities – whether it’s baking holiday cookies, preparing a festive meal together, or visiting Santa. The gift of choice – and the freedom that gift cards can provide – can help bring back a sense of normalcy and even a little holiday magic to help families make wonderful new memories together.  

Wellspring could not possibly do what we do without the advocacy of our community members who not only support our clients, but who also encourage those around them to join in supporting us.

Thank you so much, Mirabel, and to all who contributed to your birthday fundraiser for Wellspring! We hope you had the most wonderful birthday, and we are so grateful for your kindness!

 Want to help Wellspring support families this holiday season?

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