From gift cards to gift bags – and everything in between – Not 4gotten has truly donated it all to Wellspring and our clients. No matter the need, Not 4gotten has it covered – and then some.

Our friends Jeff and Margie Bauml founded Not 4gotten NY to provide domestic violence and sexual assault survivors with the necessities they will need as they transition to the safety of new homes. As Jeff and Margie explained of those they help every day, “They should always know that they are Not 4gotten.”

Not 4gotten has long supported Wellspring and our clients and their families, many of whom are forced to leave everything behind in their pursuit of safety. Jeff and Margie regularly stop by Wellspring’s office to donate huge amounts of gift cards, essential items like personal care and cleaning supplies, sheet sets, and thoughtful extras like umbrellas, chocolates, and small kitchen appliances. Donations of large duffel bags ensure shelter residents can pack up and move to their new homes with dignity. Jeff and Margie have even donated to cover costs of fun family outings and activities for children in our shelter – giving families a break from the reality of domestic violence, and a chance to enjoy summer and make memories together. Not 4gotten truly goes above and beyond to provide not just supplies, but a sense of comfort and hope to individuals and families fleeing abuse.

 This spring, Jeff and Margie dropped off beautiful bags of Mother’s Day gifts for our shelter residents – an unexpected blessing to those who may not have otherwise marked the holiday. The gifts made our residents feel so appreciated – “What a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise. A beautiful robe, Godiva chocolates… and so much more. These are luxuries I could never afford.”

When it comes to supporting those on their journey to safety, Not 4gotten also understands the power of gift cards, regularly donating American Express gift cards for our clients. The opportunity to make necessary purchases without the weight of an abuser’s controlling behavior can be tremendously empowering for clients, and “just in case” gift cards can help provide a sense of relief and security that they may not have felt in quite some time. One grateful client explained, “I have been in a controlling relationship… finding the freedom to make even small choices – like picking out what I want to eat at the grocery store or shopping for my own household items – was so powerful in restoring my sense of self-worth and dignity.”

We – and our clients – cannot possibly overstate how incredibly grateful we are for Not 4gotten’s unending generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. To Jeff, Margie, and the Not 4gotten team, thank you for all you do!