Your Donation Matters.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected us all in one way or another. This especially rings true for people impacted by domestic violence and relationship abuse. This year, we saw a 45% increase in hotline calls. This means there’s an increasing need of resources and support for survivors in our community.

To help alleviate the crucial need of services during these uncertain times, we relied on the support of our community and local organizations to make it possible to meet the increased demands of those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. We are so grateful for our community’s support to end abuse in Saratoga County.

(See the full infographic below.)

Thank you for supporting Wellspring's mission to end abuse in our community. Your donation helps survivors. Read blog post for text included in Wellspring's infographic.

 How Donations Help Survivors:

1. Hotline Calls

In 2020, we answered 1,960 calls on our hotline. That’s a 45% increase from last year. We also launched a free, web-based chat to better serve our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Safe Night’s Sleep

Wellspring provided over 21,000 safe nights of sleep from our shelter and housing programs so survivors can sleep peacefully.

3. Supporting Families

This year we provided safe apartments for 38 families in Saratoga County through our New View housing program. The program aims to end homelessness and exposure to violence by providing safe and affordable housing to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Additionally, we supplied computers to children learning remotely, and games for families to play together during lockdown.

4. Food Donations

In response to COVID, Wellspring safely delivered 17,700 pounds of food to families and individuals in need. That’s an estimated value of more than $30,000 worth of food!

5. More Space to Grow

In October, Wellspring announced the development of a brand-new building. The $3 million project will allow space for more services and programs.

“I felt listened to and supported for the first time. Wellspring actually helped me understand what I was going through when other counselors haven’t.”

– A grateful survivor

We couldn’t be more grateful for all your support during these uncertain times. Together, we will work to end relationship and sexual abuse in our community.


Wondering how you can help?

One of the most crucial ways to help is by donating. Your contribution will be used to provide survivors with the resources they need to keep themselves and their families safe from abuse.