I’m feeling totally relaxed, balanced and centered right now. With The Allstate Purple Purse Challenge starting tomorrow, I’m surprised to be saying that, but I just came from yoga class at Yoga Mandali and it was the perfect reset I needed to prep for the start of the month-long challenge.

I’m a regular at Yoga Mandali (don’t ask my favorite instructor because they’re all terrific. Each one brings a different message to my yoga practice…and my life.) I started yoga for the same reason so many do- the physical practice. After all this body isn’t getting any younger and when the day comes that grandkids arrive, I still want to be able to give them horsey rides, teach them how to do cartwheels and take them on hikes up mountains. And yoga does make a big difference physically, but the real differences happen in the head and heart. Yogis always talk about taking their practice and the peace it brings off the mat into the world. I see them doing just that every day. 

When I mentioned the Purple Purse Challenge, several of the yogis at Yoga Mandali asked how they could help, I suggested they share their thoughts on Wellspring’s vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse… and they certainly did. Click here to hear and see the strength of these humble warriors.

But that’s not all they did. Karen Score, owner of Yoga Mandali, committed to offering a donation yoga class each Sunday at 11:30 am during the Purple Purse Challenge. So please join us… whether you’re brand new to yoga or balance in tree pose while you’re doing the dishes you’ll have a great time in this gorgeous studio.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Our yogi friends aren’t the only ones living that ethic. During October, we’ve got we got plenty of opportunities for you to workout and make this world a better place:

  • Saturday, October 7th at 10 am Reform Pilates is offering a 50 minute Pilates Mat class (all levels and experience welcome) The class is free but all donations support the Purple Purse Challenge. My back is going to thank me for some attention to the core muscles!
  • Zumba anyone? Go For Fitness is hosting their popular, annual Zumbathon on Saturday. October 14th at 10am. More details to come! Getting in shape, while dancing, & laughing with great music.. sure beats the treadmill!
  • Wednesday, October 18th at 5 pm, Saratoga Cycling Studio has a karma cycle class (it’s free, but again donations accepted to support the Purple Purse Challenge.) I’ve never done a spin class, but I can’t wait. Seeing Gerard’s enthusiasm when I visited the studio, it’s gotta be fun!