In yesterday’s blog, I highlighted 80 women who inspire me every day… well I’m continuing that theme with three more women who are changemakers in our community, in so many ways.

Linda Toohey isn’t just an impressive and unparalleled community leader in her own right, but she has inspired and mentored hundreds (thousands?) of local professionals to be impactful volunteers and 
leaders. The legacy she created through Leadership Saratoga has transformed our nonprofit community since 1985; the contributions of these dedicated leaders to health human services organizations, the arts, higher education, and public service can’t be quantified.  Yesterday Linda and I were talking and she started our conversation with the intriguing line, “If I were a betting woman…” and continued with how this related to Wellspring’s mission. Wondering what she’d bet on? Click here to find out.

Theresa Skaine, a 2006 graduate of Leadership Saratoga, doesn’t let a busy life stand in the way of community volunteerism, serving on the Saratoga Hospital Board of Trustees, the Regional YMCA Board of Directors,  the Saratoga Springs Senior Center… and she served as the president of Wellspring’s board for many years. I recall hearing Theresa speaking on a panel to a group of professional women many years ago and she was asked for her advice on achieving work/life balance. I’ve never forgotten her answer as it was forthright, totally relatable and channeled the humor and acceptance we all need to balance our lives. I’m paraphrasing, but her secret was to realize that you can’t stay on top of everything all the time, but need to make sure nothing slips off the radar for too long. That’s advice I can follow. Theresa’s breadth and depth of knowledge about Wellspring is evident in her words (click here for her video), “All Wellspring’s programs create a community that’s better to live in.”

I’ve had many delightful and insightful on-air conversations with Jesse Jackson at Look TV. But when the cameras stop rolling, I often linger in the studio chatting with Antoinette Jackson about Wellspring’s work and our vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse. Our conversations take deep dives into issues of equality, empowering women and creating social change and peaceable communities. I’m always inspired by her hopefulness about encouraging positive change, “Wellspring offers an array of opportunities for someone who wants to make a change in their life.” Click here for more from Antoinette.

Many people think of Wellspring as a place you can turn to when in crisis, but you don’t need to be in crisis to receive our services, nor do you need to be considering leaving a relationship to work with us.  You can call our hotline or make an appointment with an advocate when you need information… or just need to talk.  You may not even be sure that what you’re experiencing in the relationship is abuse; that’s OK, we’ll explore that with you. Many people don’t think they can access our services unless there’s physical abuse, so they ‘walk on eggshells’ enduring emotional abuse, social isolation, or financial control. In fact, you don’t even need to be experiencing abuse yourself. You may be concerned for someone in your life who is an abuse victim- a relative, friend, son or daughter, parent… or employee. With free and confidential services, we can help you better understand how to support your loved one.  So don’t wait for a crisis; we can help now.

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