Saratoga Springs Police Chief Greg Veitch sees the prevalence of domestic violence every day, Domestic violence is one of the most difficult calls a police officer responds to … and one of the most dangerous.” Click here for more from Chief Veitch. The SSPD shares Wellspring’s goal to end relationship and sexual abuse in our community. In fact we’ve had an innovative collaboration for the past four years; Wellspring has an advocate co-located at the police department who follows up with victims after a domestic incident, offering support, information and resources. The survivors we call are often surprised at the services Wellspring offers and may take advantage of services beyond legal advocacy, such as our housing or financial literacy programs. And the daily interaction between Wellspring and the SSPD has deepened our collaboration, our understanding of the obstacles survivors face, and commitment to best practices to help survivors and educe future victimization.

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner has long been a champion for healthy families and safe children. Click here as she provides stats and insights on the prevalence of domestic violence in our community… and an inspiring call to action,”We’ve got to turn this around.” She’s right  and working together we can do it! 

Ending domestic violence doesn’t happen overnight… and you’ve got to start early to change values and beliefs. This year we’ve launched an innovative social change program, Coaching  Boys Into Men (CBIM). This evidence-based program builds on the strong relationship coaches have with young male athletes… and their influence as respected role models. CBIM provides coaches the resources they need to talk with their teams about difficult issues such as bullying, healthy relationships and signs of abuse.  Our goal in working with these coaches is to prepare their athletes to be able to handle the complexities of relationships and make them aware of abuse and what they can do to stop it. Our stuent athletes are respected role models; let’s give them the tools to influence their peers in working to end bullying and dating violence.  Coaches at Ballston Spa and Shenendehowa High schools have been trained to deliver the program this school year.   If you are interested in seeing this program at your school, call us at 518.583.0280 or email