So I took a  couple of days off from blogging to celebrate Labor Day with my family. But I’m back and thought I’d keep with the Labor Day theme by considering how lessons learned in the workplace can relate to Wellspring’s vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse.
And that purse looks great with Dave’s outfit and complexion!

Today I was talking to Dave Collins. He’s seen vast changes in the construction industry because of a proactive approach to workplace safety. Listen here for  Dave’s insights on how what we’ve learned about safety on a building worksite relates to prevention of relationship abuse. Training and education save lives in the workplace… and they can prevent abuse and save lives at home too.


Our goal at Wellspring is not just to react to incidents of domestic violence or sexual assault and help the victim, but also to raise awareness to prevent these incidents from happening in the first place. To that end we provide prevention education programs to more than 6,000 youth and community members each year.Two of these interactive programs are “A Jury’s Dilemma” and “In Her Shoes”.  “A Jury’s Dilemma” is a mock trial exploring a case of teenage sexual assault.  The program participants are the jurors in the trial. During the course of the trial, the participants hear from the defendant, the complainant, their attorneys and other witnesses. They then have guided discussion to talk about the case and their opinions, learning about the realities of a sexual assault trial in the process.  During “In Her Shoes”  participants take on the roles of clients working with Wellspring, navigating the legal system, social welfare and finding out how difficult leaving a domestic violence relationship can be,  If you are interested in having any of these programs  at your school, church our community group, contact