Elise Britt’s commitment to personal excellence doesn’t end on the field hockey field or on the weight room, “No one should be in a relationship that doesn’t make them a stronger person and a better person.” You can view her whole video  here.

Andy Gilpin of CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services says ,”We see the issue of domestic violence on a daily basis, in our shelter, our street outreach and with the families we assist.” Click here to listen to why he believes this work is important.

There are a number of programs that Wellspring offers that specifically target the youth in our community.  Some of these, such as Coaching Boys Into Men, we will be talking about in the coming weeks.  Our prevention programs “A Jury’s Dilemma” and “In Her Shoes” can also be put on for young-adult audiences.  We also have another prevention program created specifically for teens “In Their Shoes”.  Similar to “In Her Shoes”: this program puts students in the roles of teenagers dealing with a variety of common issues including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia and stalking.  Our goal is to end relationship and sexual abuse; by educating youth on these difficult topics, we can prepare them to know what to do when issues of domestic violence or sexual assault come up in their lives.  If you are interested in scheduling one of these programs, email prevention@wellspringcares.org or call our office at 518-583-0280 .