Sherry Finkel Murphy is a financial advisor and she eloquently explains financial abuse, “Sometimes financially controlling behaviors are a sign of domestic abuse… and there’s no room for that here.”  Click Here to hear more from her.

Kathleen Fyfe understands the importance of financial literacy, “because no one should feel trapped when trying to get out of an abusive relationship.”  Click Here to listen to her thoughts on Domestic Abuse.

While I’ve already talked in previous posts about some of the major services we offer at Wellspring, there are a number of smaller programs that rarely get the spotlight.  Two of these programs are our summer camp and school supply assistance programs.  These programs allow the children of women escaping domestic violence to continue going about their lives as well as taking stress off these mothers.  Additionally, these programs give the mother time where her children are occupied, giving her time to focus on things that may be difficult to do while juggling childcare, like job searching.  School is just around the corner, so if you have any spare folders, binders or other supplies lying around, consider bringing them to our office at 480 Broadway LL20 and donating them!