John Silvestri notes that, ““There are people who say they’ve never met a victim.”  He has, through his legal practice, as a community leader, and in his personal life and , “The impact of domestic violence on their lives and their children’s is tremendous.” Click here to learn more about what he’s learned about relationship and sexual abuse through these interactions.

Mayor Joanne Yepsen recognizes the importance of agencies like Wellspring as, “It’s important for each individual to have the resources to end abuse.” That’s why she collaborates with other leaders in Saratoga, and Wellspring and other community organizations to provide solutions to issues such as affordable housing, improved access to pubic transportation and economic stability. Click here to learn more.

After decades working as a police officer, Sergeant Ray Cordani, understands domestic violence all too well. He’s seen the impact on children an is saddened as 25 years later he’s responding to domestic incidents where the adult perpetrator he recognizes was once a child in a home at which he regularly responded to domestic violence calls. But he’s also hopeful as in that time he’s seen improvements in training for police officers, enforcement of orders of protection, use of advocates like those at Wellspring, “This gives me hope that one day this scourge of domestic violence will go away.” Click here for more about how our responses to domestic violence have improved over the decades.

Did you know Wellspring provides trainings to businesses,  youth groups and community  groups at no cost? Do you know how  to recognize the early indicators of an unhealthy relationship? Do you feel comfortable talking to a friend who may be experiencing abuse? Are you familiar with the obstacles that often prevent a victim form leaving an abusive relationship… and the resources available to help them overcome these obstacles. Wellspring can answer these questions for you… so you’re better prepared to help someone in need to access the support they need to be safe. Call us at 518.583.0280 to schedule a presentation. Together we can end relationship and sexual abuse.