Meg Kelly may be Saratoga Springs’ Deputy Mayor, but she’s also a mom, “Domestic violence is something that needs to be addressed with all our teens as they’re coming into adulthood.” Click here to find out how being  a mom inspires her to wear a Purple Purse.

Hearing the number of girls and women victimized by relationship abuse or sexual assault… and thinking of his own daughters and their friends was the catalyst for Matt D’Abate volunteering to serve on Wellspring’s board of directors for the past 6 years, “I want to make sure they live in a world free of relationship and dating violence.” Click here to hear more about his vision.

Michael Prezioso sees the impact of domestic violence every day through the correlations between addiction, mental health issues and history of domestic  violence or sexual assault… especially for children, “It affects their ability to have  happiness and a fulfilled life.”  But as a dad of two girls his caring about this issue doesn’t stop at the office. Click here to hear more from Michael about why he’s wearing a Purple Purse.

Did you know Wellspring provides prevention education programs to more than 6,000 youth each year. We also have an advocate co-located at Shenendehowa High School, Saratoga Springs High School and Skidmore College, providing  youth easy access to an advocate to discuss concerns about dating violence- their own, or concerns for friends. We have interactive exercises like In Their Shoes (an experiential learning exercise that helps youth and adults learn more about dating violence) and A Jury’s Dilemma (a professionally made film that depicts a rape trial of the most common date rape scenario in our county, a party with underage drinking and a ‘he said- she said’ situation.) The audience are the jurors and together learn about date and acquaintance rape– and actions we can take to deter assaults- as they debate the verdict. This is a great opportunity to open lines of communication  between parents and teens. Call us to schedule a program for your youth or parent group.