Click here to learn more about how The Women in Business Committee (WIB) of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County has assisted Wellspring’s clients for more than 12 years by collecting and assembling items needed to assist them on their journey in breaking free and staying free from abusive relationships. Through 3 programs: Baskets of Hope (personal care items), New Beginnings Baskets (basic household items needed as survivors transition into a violence-free home) and Backpacks of Hope (back-to-school supplies for the kids), they provided more than 4,000 baskets to help survivors. Want to know how this started? One WIB member, Marti Luzinias, was chatting with me and asked  if Mothers’ Day is sometimes a difficult day for our shelter guests (yes). She gave us 9 baskets of personal care items to give the moms in our shelter on Mothers Day to bring them cheer…and the rest is history. I’ve lost touch with Marti over the years (if you know her, share this post so she knows what an impact she has made!!!) So here’s the formula:

1 caring person 
+ 1 conversation to learn more about the needs
x  taking action=
I’ve seen this happen time and time again. In fact, Gerard Amedio of Saratoga Cycling did just that. The first time we met, I didn’t even ask. He offered to have us in to talk to the students in his spin class… and then committed to doing a karma cycle class in October to support Wellspring’s Purple Purse Challenge. Here’s what he has to say; you can just hear the excitement in his voice and how inspired his students are to help. Getting in shape in a state of the art studio with a dynamic instructor… while supporting Wellspring’s mission to end relationship and sexual abuse… that’s a winning combo!

And speaking of fitness instructors who can inspire you to achieve your goals, Becky Weyrauch of Rock Your Fitness gets people moving, laughing,  and looking radiant after a bootcamp fitness class  that ends before the sun is even up in the sky. Becky shared her thoughts with us about Wellspring’s vision and the Purple Purse Challenge, “Let’s stop domestic violence for all ages, for women, children, and, yes, men too. Let’s Do It!”  Click here to hear more and get motivated! 

Feeling motivated? Want to help with the Purple Purse Challenge? Can you:

  • Organize an event to raise funds in your workplace (dress down Friday and donate to Wellspring anyone?)

  • Be a team captain and raise funds for the Challenge in your name asking your friends to support your efforts (we’ve got the fundraising pages all set for you and can coach you on how to do this. Think of all the times you’ve supported friends because you were proud of their efforts.)

  • Share with others that you care about ending domestic violence. Share our blog posts, ways you can help, and links to more information about programs and services.

  • Donate online to Wellspring’s Purple Purse Challenge this October (we’ll provide the link to the donations page when the campaign starts). We don’t need to be wealthy philanthropists to make a difference. Every dollar counts. Remember 9 baskets donated one Mothers’ Day grew to a commitment that’s lasted 13 years and now exceeds 4,000.