Anne Curcurrito and Jenifer Martin know that, “Domestic  violence affects everyone, including businesses and your employees.” Domestic abuse may begin in the home, but it often follows the employee into work. In fact according to a national study, 21% of full time employees have experienced domestic violence… and most indicated their work performance was significantly impacted. Sometimes the impact is obvious as the abuser stalks or harasses their partner at his/her place of employment. Sometimes the signs are more subtle, manifesting as absenteeism, tardiness, declining job performance, excessive time on the phone, or employee turnover. Click here to learn why the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County supports the Purple Purse Challenge.

Allison Holland and her colleagues at Saratoga National Bank, “believe financial security is key to leaving abuse, ” and they’re “rocking their purple purses in support.” As bankers, they were impressed with Wellspring’s accomplishments in last year’s Purple Purse Challenge. Our donors generously contributed $51,000 to our campaign– and that earned an additional $26,000 in bonus funding from Allstate. Not a bad rate of return on the support from our local community! Click here to learn more about why the folks at Saratoga National Bank care.

Did you know Wellspring offers services to help employers develop workplace domestic violence policies, train managers and supervisors so they can assist employees in getting the help they need so they can be safe and focus on their job…and so the workplace remains safe for everyone? Did you know you don’t personally need to be a victim of domestic violence to access our free, confidential services? If you have someone in your  life who might be experiencing abuse- a son or daughter, a friend, a neighbor, or an employee, you can call us to better understand, to know what the resources are, to know what to say to help, and to discuss your own safety if that’s a concern. Employers care about their employees, but also need to focus on their business and employee performance. Wellspring can provide the resources you need– at no cost.