Anyone who has ever talked to Marianne Barker for even a few seconds knows that she loves animals. And any animal that’s ever met her, had his ears fluffed and looked in her eyes, has experienced unconditional love and the feeling of being absolutely cherished. From the moment she learned about Wellspring’s Safe Pet Partnership, she has supported our work to keep pets safe from abuse. Click here to learn how, “something that had never crossed my mind before” became an important social cause that she and Impressions of Saratoga routinely support.

Today I’m moving out from behind the camera lens to make a video with two of my favorite guys, Andy and Bob, to bring attention to an often overlooked aspect of domestic violence— abuse of family pets. Back in 1999, Leadership Saratoga helped Wellspring address a serious concern for many domestic violence victims– the fear that if they were to leave, their abuser would harm their family pet. Often this threat had been voiced so many times that it was a powerful deterrent to them seeking their own safety. With Leadership Saratoga’s assistance, our Safe Pet Partnership was created and since then, hundreds and hundreds of pets have been provided veterinary care and temporary foster homes until their human family members found violence free homes… and they could be together again. Click here to learn more about Wellspring’s Safe Pet Partnership.

How can you help?

  • Let folks know about how abuse also affects our furry, feathered and finned family members.
  • If you know someone who is leaving abuse, ask if they have any concerns for their pets… and let them know Wellspring can help.
  • Volunteer to be a foster family, opening your home and heart  to a pet until its family finds a safe place for them all to live together.