Everyone who has ever been on Wellspring’s board of directors can quote something that I say so often, “I want to be out of a job!” But I very quickly follow up with the words, “Because we’ve achieved our goal of ending relationship and sexual abuse.” Working with youth to promote healthy relationships and consent is key to decreasing the risk they’ll ever experience dating violence or sexual victimization.  I’m not the only one who sees the prevention education and social change work  Wellspring does with youth as important. Here are some community members whose words about the importance of focusing on youth inspire me every day.

 “We need to protect the welfare of our children.” Click here to learn what Marcie Frasier’s research uncovered about the correlation between exposure to domestic violence  and the risk of alcohol or drug use, obesity and bullying.

While Tara Pleat sees a community of young individuals who are impressionable,  she’s hopeful because, “We have a community that’s not afraid to talk about these issues.” Click here to learn more about why she has passionately dedicated 15 years to Wellspring’s mission.

Elaine Anton-Lutruglio  coaches girls lacrosse, for one very obvious reason, I love the girls I work with“, so much so that she’s not rocking just one, but 5 purple purses. Click here for her observations on youth and dating violence.

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So if Marcie, Tara and Elaine inspired you, here’s something you can do today. Do you know someone who has a high school or college aged son or daughter? Share this video with them, so they’ll know how to help someone in need. Local Skidmore students shared what they wished they’d known before they headed off to college.