Today’s blog post is by one of Wellspring’s advocates. She shares her thoughts about Mothers’ Day as someone who daily hears about how mothers are impacted by domestic violence. 

This Mothers’ Day, we at Wellspring think of our clients who are doing the heartbreaking work of being in an abusive and relationship while parenting their children.  Every day, we hear the worries, concerns and sadness that comes from trying to keep children safe (as well as themselves) when a partner is abusive and controlling.  Leaving the relationship also causes so much turmoil as they must grieve the loss of an intact family, and now navigate the difficult waters of custody and family court.  It is not uncommon for abusers to use children to try to continue to control and punish their partner for leaving.   The strength of these clients is inspiring and on the other side is safety and peace.  So we would like to say Happy Mothers’ Day to all and we will continue our work to support moms who come to us for support and information. Their words touch us and inspire us, every day:

“I feel so sad for my kids…”      “I feel like he is always using the kids, to punish me.”    “My kids come first… I don’t want them to think this is the way men should treat women.”   “My son is beginning to act like my husband…. I know I need to get out and I need to do it safely.”  “Thanks for all your help, I now see a bright future for me and my kids.”    “I really wouldn’t be where I am today without Wellspring’s help. I have my own apartment, my kids are doing awesome and I am moving on.”