February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Did you know, 1 in 3 teens experience some form of dating violence? They’re often reluctant to tell their parents or  teachers. Would you recognize the signs?

Soroptimist International, an organization devoted to helping girls locally and across the world,  reports that “82% of parents felt confident they’d be able to tell if their teen was in an abusive relationship, but less than HALF of these parents could correctly identify the signs of teen dating abuse.” They’ve created a an infographic with information about identifying dating violence, talking to your teen (or his/her friends) about it, and supporting a teen who has experience dating violence. You can also sign up here for other resources such as a video for parents and tips to take action to help teens.

Need some resources to  share with the teens you know? Love is respect has 2 quick quizzes :

If you are a teen who is experiencing dating violence … or if you are a parent or friend of someone and you’re concerned they may be– call Wellspring at 518-583-0280. All services are free and confidential.