Happy New Year. 

This could be the easiest New year’s resolution ever!

Whether you are a resolution-maker or not, you’re probably bombarded by articles about creating change: weight loss plans, fitness programs,  financial planning strategies, tips to get organized…  programs for every type of resolution. Yet by this weekend a quarter of folks will have lost the resolve in their resolutions. Why? Expectations too big? Not truly committed to the goal? Life provided a reality check? Seemingly overnight, big plans become no plans. Its good to think big, but maybe we get to the end goal quicker with small steps.  
Today a colleague shared a quote that made me stop and think about all those abandoned resolutions,

And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing
 I do better making changes really stick when I pick something easily doable and make it an ingrained part of my daily routine. You all know I’m committed to ending relationship and sexual abuse. I’m also really concerned about our environment… but I’m not always 100% with the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra. But every year I pick one practice I will commit to so I will be I kinder to Mother Earth. Several years ago taking the recyclables to the transfer station, I noted how many empty laundry detergent bottles we had and got to thinking about not only the toxic chemicals in those bottles, but the energy used to transport them, the processing to make the bottles, and the possibility that a portion of them wind up in landfills leaving a permanent legacy of disrespect for the environment. I started making my own laundry detergent and haven’t bought prepackaged laundry soap in years. It takes only a couple of minutes and the only waste is a paper wrapper from the Fels Naptha soap bar and 2 cardboard boxes (one  Borax and one washing soda)– these I use to start the fire in my woodstove that heats our house all winter. It’s not much but over those years  I’ve reduced the number of plastic bottles passing through our house by hundreds…and I’ve kept at it because it was a simple commitment (bonus points because it’s cheaper than bottled laundry detergent, has no perfumes or dyes and works just as well). 

Each year at Christmas I look at the pile of pretty wrapping paper that gets crumpled up and put in the trash (can’t burn this because of all the glossy paper with colored dyes). So this year I ‘wrapped’ my gifts in reusable shopping bags. It cost less than fancy paper

and was a little extra ‘gift’ for the recipient. Perhaps they’ll think of Christmas when they’re grocery shopping. I had fun all last year picking up the perfect bag with decorations suited to each  person in my life… but on December 25th my supply was gone. Well Hannaford just came to the rescue.
Throughout January, at the Hannaford storelocated at:
95 Weibel Avenue, Saratoga Springs NY,
Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program hasfocused on supporting:
Hannaford is donating a portion of sales  of every good karma bag to Wellspring. So stock up- save the planet- and support our work toward community free of relationship and sexual abuse. “One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
~ Every day counts ~