Is Black Friday your favorite day of the year… or Cyber Monday? Are you  a last minute shopper racing around the mall on Christmas Eve? Or maybe someone who pays that additional  one-day delivery shipping fee to be sure their presents get there in time. Or are you that rare person who smiles (smugly?) when hearing friends talk about the crowds in the mall on December 22nd and says, “oh all my gifts have been wrapped and ready since before Thanksgiving.”

Each year I seem  to be spending a little less time at the mall and more time shopping on-line. There’s nothing more fun  than getting my shopping done while curled up in a chair next to the woodstove… and two days later coming home to a stack of boxes with really unique gifts for everyone on my list. And when then I go to the mall to buy one last gift so I get to experience the decorations, the music, kids sitting on Santa’s lap… all the excitement of holiday shopping but only one line, no parking hassles  and no pressure.

How we shop varies from person to person, but we all give to show love, to bring joy and to make the world a little better. Want to expand  your giving and bring some extra smiles, without any additional cost or effort? When I shop on-line I do my shopping through amazonsmile. It’s as easy as using (same company, same wish list, same amazon prime advantages, same account settings) but when I use amazonsmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of every purchase to Wellspring. So while I’m giving to those I love, amazon is giving to support a nonprofit in my community. I, of course, select Wellspring (registered as Domestic Violence Services) as my charity of choice. Signing up takes less minute… really. it’s 6 easy steps. Go to: 

Questions? Learn More about Amazon Smile

Sign in (or set up new account)

Search for and select Domestic Violence Services Inc.

Check box that says: Yes, I understand that I must always start at to support Domestic Violence Services, Inc.

Start Shopping
Now as you’re spreading holiday joy, Amazon will be giving money back  to your community to help end domestic violence. What better gift is there this holiday season than making sure everyone is safe at home.
May we all have peace this holiday season. Thank you for your support.