Rape or Regret: YOU be the Jury

On Monday, January 11, Wellspring will be presenting their program “Rape or Regret: A Jury’s Dilemma”, at the Saratoga Springs Library in the H. Dutcher Community Room.  The program will begin at 6:30 PM.  All are invited to attend the film and mock-jury deliberation to determine the guilt of the fictional 18 year-old defendant, Ryan Kelly.

Presented as a mock trial, this film explores a case of teenage sexual assault.  As the case unfolds, the audience hears the testimony of the complainant and the defendant, their attorneys, and various witnesses.  Participants then act as the jury in determining the legal guilt or innocence of the defendant.

Wellspring advocates will then lead a discussion to help promote a better understanding of sexual assault and the challenges that exist in prosecution as well as a conversation about safe relationship practices.

Come to the Library on Monday evening and bring your teens. This is your chance to open an important conversation with them and in your community.

Check out the film’s trailer on YouTube.

Rape or Regret? A Jurys Dilemma Trailer 2012
Rape or Regret? A Jurys Dilemma Trailer