I’m often asked, “Why do people stay in abusive relationships?” The simple answer is that if the coercive control was apparent from the first date, they wouldn’t. Instead the power and control sneaks up insidiously. Sometimes it even creeps in disguised as love, rescue, devotion, or praise. Only later in the relationship does the target of the abuse get a sense that something isn’t right. By then they’re often deeply into the relationship– maybe fearful of what would happen if they left, maybe embarrassed that they’re being abused.  While physivcal absue is easier to identify It can be hard to explain the slippery slope of emotional abuse, but One Love’s #That’sNotLove campaign has a series of short videos that show us how that ‘wonderful relationship’ can quickly slide into abuse.

Watch the videos so you’ll recognize the early signs… that way you’ll be able to help someone before things get worse.