While Domestic Violence Awareness Month hasn’t ended yet, I thought I’d take the next few days to look back at how our  community members joined with us to increase awareness about domestic violence and to support Wellspring’s work. Domestic violence advocacy is serious work, but we also managed  to have quite a few smiles throughout the month.

As always we launched DV Awareness Month with our annual Pooch Parade. People are often shocked to learn that pets can be impacted by abuse in the home, either through neglect or  violence launched directly at the pet or through coercion, i.e., threats to harm the pet used as a means to control the victim. 

Assemblyman Tedisco and Gracie
enjoy a quick break by the duck pond
before the start of the Pooch Parade

Wellspring’s Safe Pet Partnership offers vet care and temporary foster homes to keep pets safe while the family finds safety and support. Our foster families  realize how hard it is to place a furry (or feathered or finned) family member with a stranger, even if only temporarily… you can tell how much they love pets when they tell us stories about the pet.

Assemblyman Tedisco and His pooch Gracie, both tireless advocates for animal rights, joined us for the Pooch Parade and presented Wellspring a citation recognizing the agency’s 30+ years of service to the community and our Safe Pet Partnership’s impact in reducing cruelty to pets in homes with domestic violence.

As you can see, they weren’t  alone in wishing for an end to domestic violence against all famil membes. 

Add Gayle LeSalle and Maestro, representing
the Saratoga Spring’s Mayor’s office,
discuss the importance of services ot help all domestic violence victims

Maibeth Wallingford DVM,
coordinated this year’s Pooch Parade

Loretta Somerville delivered a blessing
to all the pets who so our lives.

Pooches impressed us with their skill so the agility ocurse