Tomorrow one of Wellspring’s advocates will  once again attend Animal Advocacy Day. We’ll have information on our Safe Pet Partnership, but our reason for being there is even broader. People who abuse pets, often also abuse children and their partners. Unchecked, abuse of animals can lead to patterns of power and control that extend to family members.

Abusers also use the love we have for our pets as a tool of coercion, often threatening to harm or kill a pet is the victim tries to leave the relationship. Recognizing this powerful tactic, our legal system allows pets to be included on orders of protection.

Wellspring’s Safe Pet Partnership (developed in 1999 with the assistance of Leadership Saratoga) provides temporary placement with a loving foster family for pets while the family members are in shelter. After the family leaves shelter, they are a reunited with their pet in a new violence-free home… and together they share a future without fear and violence.