Be an Ally

See Something- Say Something

Don’t Do Nothing

Bystander intervention— it’s the hot  topic today but it’s not a new issue. Way back in 1964 we began pondering why people choose to intervene or not when news headlines reported that 30+ neighbors looked on without intervening as Kitty Genovese was brutally stabbed to death.

It’s a fact though, that one person noticing and taking action can deter an assault.  You don’t have to be an authority figure; anyone can make a difference. In  this video a sexual assault could be prevented by some small action by: a best friend, a bartender, apartment mate or even a stranger. Seeing an evening on the town spiraling toward a probable rape is troubling,  but seeing the many  opportunities to intervene… and how simple it is to help out is inspiring.

Even more, watching a short video like this and thinking about it prepares us for how we could help someone if ever we are faced with that split second decision.

And of course there’s one more person who wasn’t identified who could prevent the rape… the rapist, by choosing not to commit the sexual assault.