The closing line of an article in USA Today ends with a quote  from a former NFL athlete,

“Money cannot buy the women we love
everyday security, which men take for granted. So, it’s going to take strong, accountable men to educate young boys
and influence other men
to deal with women respectfully, honorably and fairly at all times.”

Unfortunately these inspirational words ring discordantly when contrasted with Darren Sharper’s behavior. He accepted a plea bargain in connection with 9 rape charges against him in four states. We need to do more than pay lip service to respect and fairness.

Domestic violence and sexual assault have too long been seen as women’s issues. In an engaging and  thought-provoking Ted Talk longtime advocate Jackson Katz challenges us to look at these  as men’s issues and leadership issues.  Listen to the video —  what’s your role in solving this?