Recently Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the Enough is Enough campaign to reduce sexual violence on college campuses in New York State. He’s calling for standards to provide support and justice to victims and is championing efforts to  address the root causes of sexual violence on campuses. While the impetus for the campaign is the shocking reality that New York State has more colleges being investigated for their handling of these cases than any other state in the US, he’s looking to create new  policies that place NYS colleges as models  of innovation and excellence in their response to sexual violence.

He’s not alone in saying that this is the time and place to demonstrate a better response. It’s  time to say, “Enough.” today Whoopi Goldberg joined him in speaking out against campus sexual assault.  You might be surprised by some of the statistics…like  about the numbers 5,000, 5% and 80-90%; click here to find out more.