Today I saw this eye-opening short video that shows how something as simple as a haircut can break the barriers we have between homeless people and everyone else. As I was watching the video filmed in California one big difference our homeless local people contend with kept resonating with me.

Just about every casual conversation these days starts with a comment about being sick of winter- the cold, the snow, the mess. We had these conversations 5  years ago, and we’ll have them again  next year and the next; winter here in the northeast feels like it lasts forever. But as I shiver rushing from my warm house into my heated car, I pause momentarily to imagine what it would be like to be outside 24/7. In winters past, we didn’t have  Code Blue, a low demand shelter so people without homes could have refuge from the biting cold of winter. Code Blue Saratoga started last winter after one woman’s tragic death from exposure to the elements. 

The number of people homeless in the winter in Saratoga County far exceeded our initial estimates, when we projected that perhaps 12-15 people would need  shelter. Code Blue regularly has 40-50 guests and offers dinner for about 10 more each night. The dedicated Code Blue volunteers haven’t had much of a break; with the long cold spell and high snowfall, the shelter has had only a couple of nights they weren’t open this year. I hate to break the news but winter isn’t over yet…and those volunteers could use some help. For information about how  just a few hours and of your time to bring safety, warmth, dignity and companionship to our neighbors  we pass each day on the streets, visit the Code Blue website.