It’s been a rough season for the NFL brand. While Deflategate is the latest dent in football’s reputation, at least this controversy centers on the game. For most of the season press coverage of the NFL has been more about what’s happening off the field than on– Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson… oh and of course, Roger Goodell’s handling of these incidents.

But there’s a silver lining to this massive ominous thundercloud. People are talking about domestic violence and sexual assault. In fact, even on football’s most sacred day, Superbowl Sunday, we’ll be seeing awareness and prevention messages. Back in September, Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett opined that, “A long and sustained “Campaign to Stop Abuse” or “Campaign Against Violence,” call it what you will, could reach tens of millions of Americans… The NFL has at its disposal the wealth, celebrity and power to change the way Americans treat women and children. Does it have the will?

Well that’s happening. The NFL and No More teamed up to create an ad that will be aired during the game based on a real life 911 call. If you’re planning to reheat the nachos during the commercials  you can catch the ad in advance right here.

Days before the big game, Sports Illustrated is making a big statement about the NFL’s need to address domestic violence in the league with this startlingly powerful ad.

No question about it, concerning the NFL and the topic of relationship and sexual abuse, this is the year to say “Game On”.