For Immediate Release

January 15, 2015

Contact: Maggie Fronk


Wellspring to Partner with the Saratoga Springs Police Department to Proactively Address Domestic Violence.

Very often, victims of domestic violence don’t seek assistance until the situation becomes a crisis.  However, many times, law enforcement may have seen signs of the abuse, but were only able to offer information and referrals.  Now, a new program offered by Wellspring seeks to bridge this gap.  Beginning in January, a Wellspring victim advocate will be co-located at the Saratoga Springs Police Department.  The hope is that the advocate will be able to work more proactively with victims of domestic violence and law enforcement to understand this complex issue, and the services available. The position has introduced Wellspring to an entire population of people who might not have otherwise sought assistance.

For the first three months, the advocate will only be doing research, but beginning in April, will serve as a follow-up resource to instances where law enforcement believes domestic violence may be an issue.  In doing so, they will be able to provide information about services available such as counseling and legal advocacy, as well as support and potential safety planning.  The advocate will also help to deepen an already strong relationship with the SSPD, providing a familiar face to the officers, as well as helping to provide a deeper understanding of the issue of domestic violence as well as resources available to people in abusive relationships.

In Saratoga County, domestic violence is the #2 violent crime, the #1 cause of family homelessness, and the #2 cause of homicide.

Wellspring provides crisis intervention via hotline and emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, comprehensive case management, support groups, and other services to over 1,000 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Saratoga County each year.   Additionally Wellspring believes  the best treatment is prevention, and therefore offers numerous community outreach, prevention, and issue awareness programs for schools, community and professional groups, and businesses alike.  All services are confidential and free of charge. Contact the 24-hour hotline at 518-584-8188 for assistance.


ABOUT WELLSPRING: At Wellspring, our mission is to support survivors and engage our community to end relationship and sexual abuse.  Each year, our crisis intervention and survivor services support more than 1,000 clients—providing safe housing to adults and children either fleeing or homeless because of domestic violence, as well as comprehensive support in the form of counseling, legal advocacy, and case management.   While helping victims in need is a core focus of the agency’s mission, we know that by increasing awareness we can end intimate partner violence.  Wellspring staff provides prevention and education programs to school-aged youth, as well as training and education programs for parents, faith based congregations, and professional organizations.