At Wellspring, our mission is to end relationship and sexual abuse in Saratoga County.  We do this by providing essential crisis intervention and support services in addition to services that help people avoid abuse and prevent violence–services like education, issue awareness, community participation.   One of the most engaging ways in which we engage our community, is the annual Pooch Parade.  This past Saturday, October 11, we hosted the 4th Annual Pooch Parade at Congress Park.  Joined by over 75 participants, and 40 dogs, the event is an approachable, family-friendly way to bring awareness to very difficult topics–relationship and pet abuse.  Proceeds from the event go to support the Safe pet Partnership, providing  safe, temporary placement of family pets through a network of kennels, rescue groups, farms, and pet “foster homes”.

Victims of relationship abuse often remain in their abusive environments because they don’t want to leave their pets behind.  Abusers will often use pets as a way to threaten and exert control over their victims.  Through this unique program, we help minimize the difficulty of separation until the family and their pet can be safely reunited.

This year’s event raised over $1,250 thanks in large part to the grateful sponsorship of the event by local pet-friendly businesses Dawgom,Benson’s Pet CenterUpstate Animal Medical Center, and Impressions of Saratoga.
More Photos to Come!
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