Yesterday I was wearing a red blouse and today I’m wearing green & brown. I’m not a celebrity and generally no one pays any attention to my fashion (I’m not even sure that looking in my closet the word ‘fashion’ come to mind). But my wardrobe has been a topic of conversation. “Maggie you’re not wearing purple? It’s October. It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month!” In the past I wore purple every day in October  and encouraged others to do so also to bring attention to DV Awareness Month… and I guess it worked as people remember. But this year I’ve decided wearing purple to bring about awareness isn’t enough so I’m changing the game (and the wardrobe choices.)

I’d  like to ask people to take action against relationship and sexual abuse: start a conversation, educate yourself or ask Wellspring to bring a program to your workplace or community group, forward an article or a blog post that you find interesting.

Need some ideas? Here’s a few:

… and if wearing purple helps start conversations, go ahead and take the purple clothes off the hangers.