Between Labor Day and Columbus day there’s a holiday that doesn’t get enough recognition, World Gratitude Day. It’s September 21st and it’s been recognized worldwide since 1965. So take a minute today to give thanks for what you’ve got. Just last week my coworkers were all talking about gratitude. One of them starts each day counting all her blessings on her fingers before she even gets our of bed (and the two pups snuggled beside her in the bed are always in the count). What a great way to start the day. Another said that she started consciously practicing gratitude during a particularly difficult period in her life as she was caring for a loved one… gratitude helped her through her grief. Clearly, I work with some very wise folks. They don’t reserve just one day a year for gratitude, but practice it every day.

If you need more inspiration, watch this experiment about how gratitude affects happiness. You’ll see them laugh, cry, fidget and squirm…  and you’ll find it’s never too late to express gratitude.

And to all the regular readers of this blog, thanks for joining with me to think about what we can do to shine our lights a little brighter in this world.