Tuesday is Good News Day

Got  just 2 minutes during the next 21 days?

In just 2 minutes a day, this technique can elicit improved performance on all key business outcomes.

  • The same brain– your brain– is 31% more positive when it’s in this state.
  • Doctors are 18% faster an more accurate with diagnoses.
  • Salespeople are 37% more effective at sales.

This state can turn on all the learning centers in your brain.

While  this may sound like the lead-in to a late night infomercial, don’t panic, no need to run and lock up the credit cards.

It’s about rewiring your brain to scan for positive rather than negative… scanning for success and happiness. Sound too touchy feely? Maybe, but it’s based on science. In fact this Ted Talk Shawn Anchor, who teaches the most sought after class at Harvard University, explains how to improve  your life . And if that Harvard gig ever flops, within seconds of viewing the video you’ll see right away that Anchor’s got a fall back career option option doing stand-up.

He details the action plan at 12:17. So if you want to study along with all those Harvard students  the quick notes version is below, but the real learning comes from hearing Shawn speak. And a passing test score means a better, more successful, happy life.

Create positive lasting change:
3 Gratitudes
Journal about something positive

Positive Acts of Kindness

(Need more inspiration to actually put the concepts into practice? Here’s the story of what happened when 3 college-aged men watch Anchor’s Ted talk and decided to do one sweet random act of kindness.)