Emma Sulkowicz carrying her mattress around campusOn her first day of her sophomore year Emma was raped…in her dorm … in her own bed.  She didn’t report it, but later found that the same person had also raped two other women. The victims tell us they feel the university discourages them from reporting. One study of college campuses indicates that men on campus who are perpetrators are most often repeat offenders, averaging  6 sexual assaults.

But back to Emma- She tells us that when she goes to sleep in her bed at night, she doesn’t sleep peacefully because she’s lying in the same place she was raped. When she gets up and goes to classes she doesn’t feel safe either because he assailant is still on campus. He’ll be sitting in the bleacher’s with her when she graduates.The campus judicial board (like many) wasn’t trained in investigating sexual assault, the person taking notes on Emma’s report missed facts, and the judiciary committee did not have information about the other women who reported that he had also raped them. That rape changed Emma’s whole college experience:

“Every day I’m afraid of leaving my room.”
“As long as he’s on campus with me he can continue to harass me.”

Emma carries what happened to her that night with her everywhere, everyday on campus…For her senior thesis she’s developed a project to show everyone what it’s like to carry this with her.

We have to do more to prevent campus rape, to support victims, and to hold offenders accountable.

“As many as 1 in 4 women
are sexually assaulted in college.
Most people think
 zero sexual assaults reported
 on campus is a good thing…
actually that should be a red flag.” 
Julie Zelinger