If nothing else the Ray Rice incident has gotten Americans talking about domestic violence. Today, as Rice held a press conference to talk about what her called the “worst mistake of his life“, what he reports was a one time incident “that was inexcusable”. He states that after he works on his own response, he’d like to become involved in helping others to end violence of all kinds.

ESPN’s Jane McManus has been outspoken about this incident and the NFL’s response. When asked to comment  on Rice’s press conference, her responses were cautious but hopeful, first citing that just by using the words domestic violence Rice “understands what he did in a bigger context.” While she noted that the words are promising, waiting to see that Rice’s actions in future months and years will show how sincere he is.

McManus noted that the incident might even be a catalyst for greater change as, “the NFL and Ray Rice have tried to understand this issue and the dynamics of domestic violence.”  She envisioned that the incident and public reaction might even result in changes to the Code of Conduct as well as disciplinary standards for acts of domestic violence.

Let’s hope and let’s keep talking about how we can recognize relationship abuse and work together to end it.