Tuesday is Good News Day

When writing about current events related to relationship and sexual violence it’s easy to  become disheartened; campus rapes, domestic homicides… it can all seem endless. Literally each day new clients walk through our door, telling their stories of abuse. With funding from the Violence Against Women  Act intimate partner violence has decreased 67%  from 1993-2010 and there are more services to assist victims. More victims are reporting domestic and sexual violence to police, and reports to police are resulting in more arrests. There’s also a change in society’s tolerance about relationship and sexual abuse; news articles about sexual assault in the military, campus response to rape and social commentary when a celebrity commits a domestic assault  capture these changing attitudes.

Statistics indicate global violence attributed to war are also declining.There’s no question that there’s injustice, suffering, and violence…and that we need to work hard to address these issues locally and globally. But it’s equally important to stop now and again to look at the progress we’ve made.

And if you’re looking to carry on with these positive thoughts tomorrow too, here’s a chance to join others in a Moment of Peace