A recent study off mass shootings revealed that there’s a strong correlation with domestic violence; in fact, 57% of the mass shootings were related to intimate partner or family violence. Women in domestic violence relationships are eight times more likely to be killed if their partner has access to a gun. The greatest risk is when she attempts to leave the abusive relationship. That’s why it’s so important to work with domestic violence professionals to develop a safety plan

The Huffington Post reports that Kim Gandy of the National Network to End Domestic Violence says the report serves as sobering evidence of the need to improve gun laws. I agree, but I also think it validates the need to give serious attention to domestic violence– before it escalates to this tragic level. Domestic violence prevention is homicide prevention.
Warning trigger alert- violence

Sarah Engle is working with Americans for responsible Solutions to enact legislation to bar convicted stalkers and all domestic abusers from owning guns. Her reason? Because she knows too well the tragic consequences of guns and domestic violence I left my ex-boyfriend. In response, he broke into my mother’s house, and shot and killed her. Then he held me hostage, raped me, and shot me in the head, leaving me for dead. I believe that I survived in order to tell my story and help save other women’s lives.

My ex-boyfriend didn’t have trouble getting a gun, even though I had a domestic abuse restraining order against him. Thousands of women across the country live in fear of their abusive partners or stalkers who also have guns, or who can get guns easily. That’s not acceptable. There’s a bill in Congress that would help fix this broken system. It’s important that we show how many people support this common sense idea to save women’s lives.”

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