I named this blog Shine a Light for 2 reasons: 1) to bring more awareness of the issues of relationship and sexual abuse, bringing them out of the shadows and into the light, and 2) to have a forum for the  positive things being done to create social change.

This weekend I was pondering what to post about this coming week, and said to my family, “I can’t think of anything current to write about next week. My son said. “Seeing that you write about rape and domestic violence, it’s a good thing  when you run out of things to write about, right?” A sage observation, that reminded me of the second goal of the blog– shining a light  on the positive. I’ve often wished that the news was 50% of what we typically see on the news (the bad stuff)  and 50% about the good works being done. Why? Because I think when we’re inundated with negative messages we become desensitized. Conversely, I also feel that if we were exposed more to all  the wonderful caring acts that are being doe very day we’d be  inspired to do good.

So in that light, I’m declaring Tuesday as Good News Day. So this week,  here’s  a fun video of a Chicago  college student  who gives strangers’ days a lift with ‘drive by compliments’. And if you’re thinking about how you might use compliments or praise to inspire, here’s some info from  research  studies on how to use praise effectively with your kids (as well as what doesn’t work  so well.) I found the cultural differences in valuing praise very interesting.