Nancy Lubin believes “it might be the only way to communicate with a kid.”

Technology can change the way we interact with the world. I remember having a pen pal as a kid. I’d send her a letter and wait  weeks for a reply. At first, each day after school I’d  go to the mailbox expectantly, later I’d think about her once in a while, then just when I’d lost interest I’d get a letter out of the blue that started out, “Sorry it’s taken me so long to write.”  and went on telling me about her 3 weeks at horseback riding camp, the boring family vacation, and a new puppy (she’d send pictures of him after they finished the 36 exposure roll of film in the camera and had it developed. About 6 weeks later,  I’d start a letter back with the words “Sorry it’s taken so long…”

Today my kid would send a friend a pic from her phone as she was jumping hurdles on her horse and a video of her puppy trying to climb the stairs to her bedroom that first night in his new home- heck they might even Skype and let the pups have an adorable bark fest.

Technology has opened up new ways of  finding information and communicating. Sometimes we complain about it, “Everyone in the house is plugged into some device.”, but  the reason we use these devices is they work  for us. Here’s one way that texting has opened up new opportunities for youth to get help with serious issues affecting them. It also can give us real  time data  on these issues so we  can more effectively respond. That phone in your back pocket is a really powerful tool.