Tuesday is a great day for a feel good story.  

I loved this story about how one restaurant owner reacted to a customer’s comment that his waitresses should show more skin. He was offended, but he didn’t just gripe about it or berate the person who posted the comment. 

He did something to make a strong and memorable statement about such flippant sexism… that it’s not anonymous– it affects the women in our lives, our sisters, wives, daughters and mothers.  And through his creative response to the comment he drew the connection between sexism and sexual violence. What I most love about the story is his response was done with such humor that it got its message across in a way that builds bridges rather than creating divides.

Pete Seeger said “I think the world will be saved by millions of small things.” I agree with him. Hats off to one more everyday hero.

And if reading this post has your tummy growling, here’s a link to some creative potato skin recipes.